Tam Sparx
Tam Sparx
Identify your super powers so your clients lean in

Communication strategy for kindhearted professionals and side hustle business owners

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Clearly communicate your value in a way that gets clients to lean in.


Create an experience that leaves’em confident in your abilities/products.


Compel them to take action.


Tam helped me out of a pit. I was drowning in business ideas and plans, and now I have clarity about my path forward.

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My super power is CATATLYST. Another word for catalyst is influencer. I influence the status quo with bold, unorthodox communication strategies. I’ve spent over 15 years fine tuning strategies that help professionals influence and engage their prospects and clients. Working mostly at a Fortune 50 company with executives, business owners and business professionals as an influence coach, trainer and speaker. And, in recent years years, working independently as a communication advisor and consultant to side hustle business owners and professionals.

Though my given name is Tamara Williams, my clients and friends have nick named Tam Sparx due to my ability to spark positive change in their professional lives. And, I’d love to do the same for you!