Tam Sparx
Tam Sparx
Identify your super powers so your clients lean in


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Career & Business Quick Start

Rates starting at $175/2.5 hours

Before you put in for that job or connect with your prospects you gotta have your messaging on point. The reason we identify your super powers is so you know exactly what to put on applications, your website and what to say to prospective clients. That’s how we get clients to lean in!


Visual Postcards

Rates starting at $150

Make your message stick! Visually capture the golden nuggets from your articles, presentations and podcasts. Share visual notes online via an image or video. Print them and hand them out after your presentation. Talk about unique and memorable branding!

Strategic Thinking Partner

Rates starting at $175/2.5 hours

Are you preparing for an interview, presentation or meeting? Trying to figure out a way to ensure you grab their attention, negotiate like a boss and confidently address any concerns? This is that in-person marketing stuff that most people pish-posh. An intentional effort here will compel your listeners to take action!


We were not clear on what our special sauce was, who our target audience was or what our brand needed to look like to attract the audience; but Tam was able to walk us through the process. She made it easier and fun.

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